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Need a Break!

I just realized recently that my last large block of time off from work was when we went to the RWA conference last summer, and, while it was a lot of fun, conferences are also a lot of work.  Even the day I took off the other week was for appointments.

I think I need an actual writing vacation.


( Photo credit: Rennett Stowe via / CC BY )

We didn’t have a writers’ retreat last year.  I just realized that recently, too.  Not even a long weekend, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen this spring either.  I do have a long weekend scheduled for the end of next month, though–four whole days, which means I have two days during the work week when my guys will all be out of the house.  Not quite like a retreat, but not bad.  If I can figure out a way to actually head off someplace for that weekend, it would be even better:  uninterrupted writing time for a couple of days.  Bliss!

In the meantime, how about a little snippet from the shifter manuscript I’m still honing?


“What do you mean, she’s gone?” India rolled her eyes and shifted her weight to her other foot. “I mean she went home.” She started to turn away, but Harley caught her arm. She gave him a pointed look, her eyes narrowing dangerously. As if he were worried about his little sister’s irritation right now. “I want to know what the hell I did to piss her off so much?” “Why is everything always about men?” She tugged her arm away from his loose grip. He wanted to roll his own eyes. “Clearly, it has something to do with me, or she wouldn’t have run away like that.” “She had a headache.” He didn’t miss the sarcasm in his sister’s tone. “And its name?”

Her brows lifted slightly. “Wow,” she said after a moment, “I didn’t think you’d get that one.” He sighed. “What the hell’s going on?” India shook her head. “If Tessa wanted to talk to you, she would have, Harley.” She started to turn away again. “Do I have to grovel?” She laughed. “I’d enjoy seeing that, but I’m afraid it’s no good.” She smiled at him over her shoulder. “Just let her alone, Harley. You’ve done enough damage.” He glared at her back as she sashayed among the remaining party guests. So much for her help. And what did she mean, he’d done enough damage? What damage? He frowned after her for a few more moments. Unless she meant from the crush Tessa used to have on him. Harley shifted his shoulders a little. He’d never encouraged that. Not even when she’d reached adulthood. He had been tempted. Tessa Gardiner had grown from a serious, quiet little girl into a very pretty, though still quiet, young woman. When she’d come to stay with India over the holidays one year during college, he’d had a hard time keeping his tongue from hanging out every time she came in a room. But she was still India’s best friend, still six years younger than he. And still human.

That didn’t mean he hadn’t noticed her. He just knew he couldn’t do anything about the attraction. Knew that he shouldn’t do anything about it. His frown deepened. Now that he thought about it, he’d only actually seen Tessa once or twice since that long-ago holiday visit, and he couldn’t remember getting to talk to her at all. He wondered now if that was deliberate on her part. And why it mattered so much.


It’s still not quite finished to my liking, but I think I’m almost ready to send it to my agent.  Finally!

Happy spring!


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