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No Need to Panic

That’s what I keep telling myself.   Whatever this bug is that I have, it’s still going strong.  I’ve had a couple of days where I thought it might be getting better, and then it’s worse again.  I’m seriously considering investing in the company whose tissues I’ve been going through like crazy for the past week; I imagine I might make a fortune with an investment like that, right?  I suppose if it doesn’t improve soon I’ll have to drag myself to a doctor.  In the meantime, though, I’m tired from lack of sleep (hard to sleep when you can’t breathe properly, isn’t it?) and foggy from meds.

( Photo credit: -Snugg- / / CC BY-NC )

My other big issue right now is work-related.  Our new-ish manager is leaving in just a couple more days, and another new-ish manager is coming to take her place.  That part is good and bad–good, because I don’t have to run the store as my leaving-manager had been told initially; bad because no one in the store knows the new manager and they’ll all come to me anyway.  Not so terrible in a good job, but not great in a terrible job.

All of that means I’m much, much farther behind on my revising and rewriting than I wanted to be, and I’m not sure right now if I can catch up again.  Certainly not in time to make my self-imposed goal.  Which makes me panic.  And there’s no need to panic, right?  After all, it’s not a ‘real’ deadline.  It’s just my own.  And I’m actually pretty accustomed by now to making my own deadlines as well as ‘real’ deadlines.

So I’m back to panic mode.  To distract myself earlier, I went over to my publisher’s website.  Each week, they update the ‘upcoming’ books in their bookstore.  Right now they’re up to a week before Hunting Medusa‘s release date.  Which means that in the next week, Hunting Medusa will be listed there, too.  That makes me feel a little less stressed.  I think for now, I’ll go visit my Hunting Medusa listing at one of the other online booksellers.  I can do this.  And I will.

By the way, I posted another little teaser on my Facebook author page last week, and am planning another next week, in case you want to stop by to check them out.


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