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One Week Later…

Wow.  I can’t believe it’s been an entire week since Hunting Medusa went out into the world.  So many of you helped make this past week so awesome for me, and I thank you very, very much for that.

Since I discovered the bestseller lists on my publisher’s store site, I’ve been haunting them every day.  Thanks to you, Hunting Medusa has hung in there at some really great spots for the last seven days.  This morning, I discovered it’s dropped down a few spots on two lists, but it’s also moved up to #2 on two others–the paranormal and the alternate worlds lists.  I know there are a lot of new releases today, which means new books will be moving up the lists, but I really do want to thank you for getting my book where it is.  It means a lot to me.

I also got some very exciting news last night: I have a date for the paperback release!  If you’re a die-hard, old-school reader of paperbacks only, Hunting Medusa will be available in trade paperback on January 6, 2015!  There was much cheering in my house last night when I read that email, mostly from me.  Okay, all of it was me.

I’m also working with my web designer on my website.  It’s going to be just gorgeous, and I can’t wait for you to see it.  But we’re not finished yet.  When that launches, I’m sure I’ll have more goodies to share with all of you.

If you’ve already read Hunting Medusa, thank you, and I hope you enjoyed the first installment in this trilogy.  If you haven’t and you want to, well, I have some places where you can find it:  Samhain Publishing; Amazon; Barnes & Noble; Kobo; and GoodReads.

Again, thank you so much for making release week so memorable!  And I hope you’re enjoying Hunting Medusa!

My shiny new cover art! isn't it pretty?

My shiny new cover art! isn’t it pretty?


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