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Perseus and Medusa

So, everyone knows the story of Medusa and Perseus, right?  Maybe?  In some versions, Poseidon rapes the virgin Medusa in Athena’s temple, and, instead of being angry with Poseidon, she punishes Medusa by turning her into a monster.  In other versions, a vain Medusa brags about her beauty so much the Goddess curses her.  Every version, however, has the same ending:  Perseus beheading the monstrous Medusa, killing her.

Hunting Medusa is my own take on the myth, and in my version, Athena’s curse has carried on to the Medusa’s children’s children, right on into the present.  And Perseus’s sons have continued to hunt them.

Original image URL:  Title: Perseus & Medusa

Original image URL: Title: Perseus & Medusa

Title: Perseus & Medusa)


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