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Rainy Days

The way our spring has been going, with rain more days than sun, I almost feel like we’ve moved to the Pacific Northwest.


( Photo credit: madame.furie via / CC BY-SA )

The best thing I can say about our spring weather is that since I can’t spend any time working on the weed-bed (because, be honest: at this point, the weeds are the tallest thing in there), I’ve spent a lot of time writing.  So much rain is good for just indoor things, like drinking tea and writing, or reading.  Or catching up on my handful of television shows.

I admit I spent my afternoon today watching horse racing, between loads of laundry and supper-prep.  The track was muddy and messy, too, as the rain we were getting was also falling there.

I’ve been enjoying the story I’m working on, with my tiger shifter whose life is turned upside-down by his heroine.  The only trouble with this is that now I know things that happen in this manuscript are also important in the two leading up to this story, which means I need to go back and do some rewriting in the first two.  They’ll be better when I’m finished, I know.  It’s one of the problems with not being a ‘plotter’, planning out every detail of my stories before I begin.  Unfortunately, my brain doesn’t work that way.  I’ve only managed it successfully once, a very long time ago.  Any other time I’ve attempted to plot out a story beforehand, my characters balk and wind up doing exactly what they want and basically laughing at me and my ‘planning’.  So I’ve basically given up on that.  Oh, I still need to know some things about my hero and heroine before I start, but usually I get scene ideas even before I can try to figure out who my characters are, and then work from there.

This hero is pretty yummy, especially if you have a thing for hot, take-charge blond  shifters.  Lucky for him, the heroine does, and so do I.  And things are about to get really messy for him, poor guy.  I’m not actually laughing just thinking about that.  Okay, I’m not laughing much.


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