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Lots of people reward themselves when they hit a goal or accomplish something they’ve been working toward.  Right now, I’m working toward finishing the first round of edits on Hunting Medusa before it’s due at the end of the week.  And I will definitely reward myself with something.  Probably something like this:

fruit chesecake
chocolate cake

That said, I am actually enjoying these edits, fixing all these little things my editor has found and that will make the story better when we’re done.  I’m also reminded as I’m working through this how much I really, really love this story.  I am so in love with this hero.  He is so yummy, and I can’t wait to share him with you.  A friend pointed out recently that January really isn’t that far away.  Yikes!

But in the meantime, I’m pretty sure I have at least another round of edits after this one.  I guess we’ll find out after this round is finished.  When I know I’m really, really done with edits, I’m going to have a bit of bubbly to celebrate. 


What are you rewarding yourself for this week?

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