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Running Late

It was a busy weekend, so I am late.  I know it, and I’m sorry.

( Photo credit: Sean MacEntee via / CC BY )

It’s been a rough week here.  I keep thinking that things should settle down, that some of the people in my life who have had bad news should start getting better soon.  So far, not so much.

I had been making pretty good progress on the fourth shifter manuscript in the past week, in spite of all of the distractions and worries.  Even with a few really busy days at work.

But I’m determined to get that forward motion back tomorrow, even if I have to shove all the worry and distraction into a tiny box and lock it in the back of my mind.  Even if it’s only for fifteen minutes.  At least to start.  I can work back up to where I was, and I will.

I do love this shifter hero, too.  He is damaged, and he is protective of the heroine, from the first time they meet, and he is so hot.  Boy, is he hot.  I may do some re-reading tomorrow, just because.  The weather-guessers are saying we might get some snow later this week, which means I will have plenty of time to stay in and dig back into the story.  And then a shiny new blog post as well.  Hopefully one where I can say I’m back to being actually productive again.

Until then, I hope the rest of your week is wonderful!


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