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Spring in Sight

We’re nearly to the end of March, so spring begins soon.  Not yet, I know, but soon, and I think Mother Nature is done with winter, much to my dismay.  We hardly had winter here, but I will admit I’ll be happy to see some of the spring flowers.


(Photo credit: ginnerobot via / CC BY-SA )

It’s still a little early for my favorite spring flowers, but since I’m not quite ready for the end of winter, that’s okay.

It’s been unseasonably warm here the past few weeks, though, so I don’t think I’m getting any more winter.  I may have to turn to a story set in winter to get any more snow, like the second Medusa, which is probably going to have to have more rewriting done to it, though that isn’t on my writing to-do list right now.  I’m sure many of you have heard that my publisher is winding things down right now, so I’m forging ahead with the rewrites I’ve been working on for the first of my shifter romances.  I’m nearly there, but not quite y et.  I think once I finish this pass-through, it will still need one more before I send it off to my agent.  The second is started, and I have scenes written for the third, but I also have a couple of older stories I want to revisit this year, to see if I can get them reader-worthy.

But in the meantime, maybe a little snippet from my tiger shifter?


Harley caught a glimpse of his younger sister in the far corner of the room, at the center of a small crowd. Their cousins and her friends surrounded her, and his gaze caught on one sleek, dark head. Tessa Gardiner. He hadn’t seen her in a very long time. She looked tense despite her little smile at whatever India had just said. He grinned and raised his hand to greet her. Her bright green eyes went blank, and then she turned, angling herself so she was still within the group but completely facing away from him. He blinked. What the hell was that about? He frowned. Tessa had always liked him. She’d even had a crush on him for most of the time he’d known her, though he’d ignored it in favor of keeping the peace with his sister, and then, later, with the elders in his family even when his younger self might have considered at least dating her. But this?

He set his jaw and made his way through the crowd in her direction. Turning her back on him was unacceptable. Though it was a damned fine back, he admitted, with the creamy skin of her shoulders and arms bared by the fitted blue dress that hugged her curves. Whatever he’d done to piss her off, surely he could make it up to her. Or not. An hour later he continued to try to maneuver into her line of sight. Every time he thought he’d managed, she shifted yet again, further away from him. There were inevitable interruptions to his stalking with family greeting him and friends he hadn’t seen in a long time who kept stopping him along the way. By the time he’d made it to where she’d been originally, she and India were on the other side of the room in the middle of a different crowd. His sister seemed oblivious to Tessa’s blatant rudeness, her arm linked with her best friend’s. He’d had enough of subtle, he decided, squaring his shoulders inside the hot blazer he wore.


Are you looking forward to spring right now, or are you wishing for just a little more winter, like I am?

Pretty soon, it’ll be time for fruity drinks with paper umbrellas!



(Photo credit: via /CC BY-ND )


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