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Story Snippet for August

It was a very long day at work today, and I’m getting ready to go away for two days for family stuff, but I have time to get a quick blog post up, including a little bit of story to share with all of you.  This will be part of a fun paranormal romance blog hop, and I’ll include the link to the hop below, so you can check out a whole bunch of story exceprts.  But which story?  Hmm…Hunting Medusa?  Or something from Medusa #2?  I’m torn, but I think I’ll give you a little of Hunting Medusa this round.


Andi eyed the small pair of scissors in her hand. They’d do the job, but she wondered—stifling a giggle—if the Harvester could have found a smaller pair. They looked like the embroidery scissors Aunt Celosia kept in the tiny sewing box that had forever sat beside her wing chair.

As long as they were sharp enough to cut her hair. Her urge to smile vanished, and she inhaled deeply. She made the first cut and ignored the dark curls that fell onto the towel she’d laid across the sink.

Half an hour later, her hair was an inch and a half shorter, framing her face even more closely than any other time of the month. And small tufts of dark brown hair covered the towel.

Andi dumped the towel’s contents into the trash, then dropped the towel into the hamper. Her fingers trembled slightly now that the dreaded task was finished for another month.

Or maybe for the last time.


Just a little tease, I know, but that is the point of this fun little Paranormal Love Wednesdays blog hop, a bit of a tease from a lot of different stories to whet your appetite for more and, hopefully, to find you some new authors.   I hope you do find some new-to-you authors.  Let me know if you find something you love.

One more thing before I get the rest of my things together for my trip:  a writer I met at the big multi-author signing on Valentine’s Day has asked me to join her and another friend for a paranormal romance signing in October.  As soon as I have details, I will be shouting them all over the internet.  It’s very exciting to be invited to participate in signings, after I spent so many years in my previous life as a bookseller, assistant manager and event planner at Borders.


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