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It’s been an incredibly hectic week so far at the day job, and I apologize for missing a day here.  As insane as it usually is, this week we had some added ‘fun’ to go along with the norm.  Today was the worst of that, and I am quite happy it’s finished.  I do wish, though, that I’d been here

again rather than where I was.  It would have been so much more pleasant, and the beach has a lovely way of making stress go away.  I finally got rid of the rest of mine by a long, rambling conversation with my brother’s girlfriend, whom I haven’t talked to in much too long.  Pluses:  I feel a whole lot better than when I got home this afternoon; after a bit of sleep, I’ll be able to refocus on my edits tomorrow on my day off.  That’s really the biggest plus for me right now, a whole day to do nothing but revise.  Okay, and laundry after I throw supper in the crockpot.  I feel confident that at the end of my day tomorrow, I won’t feel like I need one of these: 

( Photo credit: Amy McTigue / Foter / CC BY-ND ).

How about you?  How is your stress level this week?  And what are you doing to make it better?


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