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Summer Weekend

Summer is still hanging on here with a vengeance in my neck of the woods, all hot and humid and miserable.  Given a choice between doing anything outside and staying in where it’s cool, I choose cool, nearly every time.  I wouldn’t mind some beach time, though that isn’t going to happen till after holiday season.

beach reading

( Photo credit: Ulf Bodin / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA ) 

Are any of you getting to do some beach reading this week?  I hope so.

I had the house to myself for most of yesterday, which rarely happens.  There is almost always someone else home when I’m off now that I work Monday through Friday.  But yesterday was an exception I don’t expect to have repeated any time soon.  Of course there were chores to be done–there is always laundry in our house, and my laptop is overdue for some clean-up (that is ongoing)–but I got to spend several uninterrupted hours writing.  What a lovely thing.  The only thing I left the house for was to pick up my Chinese take-out for supper.  I felt badly for the rabbit who lives around our house–he or she spent almost all day in the shade of the pine tree we have in our back yard trying to stay cool, until the angle of the sun reached beneath it.  Poor thing.

Today, I did leave the house, however.  There is a gemstone show not too far from us every August, and one of my friends and I head up there in the morning and spend hours wandering around, touching pretty stones and admiring gorgeous jewelry.  And some of those interesting rocks always find their way home with us.

gem show 002

These are some of the pretty stones that came home with me today.  I love the K2 stone on the left.  I’d never seen those before, and it’s got really striking blue dots throughout the stones.  Only two vendors had them in the entire place.  And the laboradorite heart has some very nice color in it for a small stone.  Right now, they’re all on my window ledge where I can see them.

I’m hoping that next weekend is a lot cooler than this one, because there are weeds taller than my tomatoes in the garden right now.  On the other hand, if it’s hot and sticky again, I can stay inside and write all weekend.  Not a bad idea, since I gave myself a goal for my writers’ group this month of finishing the first drafts of both the third Medusa and the first of my shifter books.  Medusa #3 is nearly there, but I still have a little way to go on the shifter story.  So I think I’ll end my blog post here and get back to work on those.

I hope wherever you are, summer isn’t so horrid, and that you’ve found plenty of reading time this weekend!


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