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Since we’re twenty-four days from Thanksgiving here in the US (and from my self-imposed deadline for these rewrites!), a lot of people I know are thinking about all the things in their lives for which they’re grateful.  Lots of us are thankful for similar things, ie, family, health, home, friends, etc.  Just thinking back over the past year, I have plenty of things to express gratitude for in my life.

But I wondered what the main characters in Hunting Medusa might be thankful for, were they celebrating Thanksgiving in just a few weeks.  Of course, they would be thankful for much different things at the beginning of the story than at the end of it.  At the start of it, Andi would be thankful for her safe home on the side of her mountain, though probably not for the curse she bears.  Kallan would be thankful he’d tracked down the monstrous Medusa, but perhaps not as thankful for the unpleasant task he’s about to accomplish.  By the time they reach the end of their story, the things they are grateful for would be much different.  Of course, I can’t actually  tell you what those are, since you haven’t yet read their story.

In lieu of that, one of the things I am thankful for right now is that Hunting Medusa is up on my publisher’s website at last!  I’ve been checking regularly, watching the dates on the ‘Coming Soon’ page get closer and closer to my release date.  When I pulled it up earlier this week, I did some cheering in my living room, despite the lingering effects of whatever this bug is I have.  It might seem silly, particularly since it’s been available for pre-order on other online bookseller sites for a little while now, but it’s still a big deal to me.

Today, I’m thankful for the fact that this bug seems to be finally getting better, and right now, for the gorgeous fall evening sky outside my office window. 

And one more small thing I’m grateful for is the way my hydrangea is still going, even this late into the season. 

sunset 110213 005

And right at this second, for the lasagna currently in the oven two rooms away that is making my house smell incredible.

What are you all thankful for this month?

One last thing before I  finish for today:  I’ve posted a couple of excerpts from Hunting Medusa over on my Facebook page and am about to post another one.  If you like them, I’d love if you’d also like the page so you can keep seeing what’s going on there.  When we get closer to release day, I’ll be doing a giveaway or two there, and I’d love if you were able to take part.


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