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Thankful 2016 Plus an Excerpt


That was here a couple of Novembers ago.  The moon coming up outside right now isn’t quite that full yet.  But it still makes me happy when I look out the window and see it hanging there, fatter than a crescent, but nowhere near full quite yet.

I got quite a lot of writing done today, between loads of laundry.  So I won’t feel bad about quitting for the night and then watching The Walking Dead a little later.  I won’t say I’m thankful that the new season has started, since I haven’t enjoyed the first two episodes.  I’m hoping tonight is better.

It’s time to start thinking about all the things we’re thankful for–here in the U.S, Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away.  I try to be thankful all the time, though some days I need to remind myself of that.

Today, I’m thankful for all the new words I got in my WIP.  And that the spicy chicken noodle soup I had for supper seems to have gotten rid of the beginning-of-the-cold-tickle in my sinuses.  What are you thankful for today?

The heroine in my current WIP is thankful for a few things so far in the story, including the hero’s appearance, just when she needed a hand.  I think I’ll give you a little taste of this one.


Laney didn’t ignore the prickle of sudden awareness at the back of her neck, but she didn’t react either. Too many people. She just kept smiling at Mrs. Wells, who could talk all day about her grandchildren. Damn. Laney’s awareness of being watched grew stronger. She wanted to look around to see who it was, but she resisted the urge. No need to alert whoever it was. “Oh, dear, you’ve let me ramble on too long,” Mrs. Wells said a few moments later, reaching out to pat her arm. “You finish your shopping. I’m sure I’ll see you soon.” Laney murmured the right things, while her instincts screamed at her to flee. Far and fast. She tamped that down and tightened her grip on her shopping bag. She certainly couldn’t leave the mall while she was being watched. Instead she walked down the mall as if she was in no hurry.

Edwin Shepley and his thugs could go straight to hell.

She meandered through the next department store for half an hour, but there were so many people milling around, she couldn’t tell which one was following her. She just knew they were still there. She headed into a lingerie store next, and the awareness dampened just a little. So he was afraid of standing out in the lingerie store. Good. Laney stopped at a display of pajamas that gave her a sidelong view into the mall. There you are, you bastard. A barrel-chested man with straggly blond hair paced in the center of the mall, right beside a skin care stand. He kept sneaking glances into the lingerie store, but avoiding looking directly at her. She rifled through the pajamas in front of her. He might be big, but that didn’t mean he was dumb. She’d have to figure something out.



( Photo credit: CarlMilner via / CC BY )

So what are you thankful for this week?


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