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Thanksgiving 2020

It’s been a crazy sort of year, hasn’t it? Thanksgiving is just a few days away here in the U.S., and it’s normal for me to think about the things, people and events from the previous eleven months that I’m thankful for. This year, it seems like the list is short, but filled out with really important things. Some years, it’s small things we find to be grateful for, and other years, there are big things along the way. A few people I know have big things they’re thankful for, and others are really searching for something since they’ve had a particularly difficult year.

We have been lucky in our family, and honestly, that is the biggest thing I am thankful for this year. We are all well and working, and that’s kind of a big deal this year, in this wild, upside-down world. (Now I feel like I need to re-watch Stranger Things, talking about upside-down.) We are healthy, have secure homes, food to eat, and jobs to go to, and I am especially grateful for all of those this year.

Before I get back to some writing, though, I have a story snippet for you today from Freeing Medusa, the third book in my Medusa’s Daughters trilogy, which I am finally nearing the end of.


Athena appeared in front of his desk, and Ari stumbled out of the chair, onto his knees, bowing his head. His heartbeat fluttered out of a regular rhythm. Not now.

“My Lady.”

“How is it you continue to fail me?”

His heart beat too quickly, and perspiration popped out on his forehead, the back of his neck. “I beg forgiveness, my Lady.”

“I do not feel forgiving, Aristotle. I feel disappointed and angry. These monsters still live, safely protected by the spell of the first, while my chosen Harvesters repeatedly fail to do their job. I begin to believe my favors are better bestowed elsewhere.”

Ari shut his eyes against the panic rising in him. “Please, my Lady. We will kill the Medusa. I promise You we will.”

“I have heard you promise the same more than once in recent years, Aristotle. I cannot allow your failures to continue to blacken my name.”

He fell onto his hands at Her feet, bowing his head further. “Please, my Lady. Just a little more time, I beg You.”

“You do much begging today, Aristotle. It is most unbecoming for one of your stature and years.”

The thumping of his heart in his chest and ears nearly drowned out Her irritated sigh.

“One last opportunity, Aristotle. If your family fails again, the consequences will be dire.”

“Thank you, my Lady,” he murmured, but he knew She was gone. He remained where he was, forehead nearly touching the floor, and felt the sweat running down into his shirtfront.

The Goddess was furious, and he couldn’t blame Her. His family had let Her down too many times.


I’m going to get back to work on this story now, but I have to tell you, my house smells so good right now. I just took the last loaf of sage and onion bread from the bread machine for this week’s stuffing, and it smells amazing. I can’t wait to eat it!

So, if you are celebrating Thanksgiving this week, what are you thankful for? I would love to hear, here or on any of my social media pages (those links are all just to the right of this post).


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