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Things That Go Bump in the Night + an Excerpt


( Photo credit: fireboat895 via / CC BY )

Yes, I’m still working through old and new horror movies and shows  for the season.  I had wanted to see American Horror Story more than once, but I think I remember that when it started something else that I liked was on at the same time.  So I started watching the first season recently.  There are some seriously messed up people on this show.  But it hasn’t really scared me yet.  I almost want to go reread Rosemary’s Baby instead.  But there is some really good acting going on, so I’ll at least finish the first season before I decide whether to go any further.

I just went out to feed the birds in the backyard a little while ago, and we’re enjoying another really pretty fall day.  A little cooler than the forecast was calling for, but sunny  and bright.  I’ll take it over the hot and humid summer anytime.  And now we have very happy birds and squirrels in the backyard.  And happy cats at the kitchen window, watching them while I came back into the living room to work.

The manuscript I’m working on is the first of my tiger shifters (yes, still), and I have quite a long way to go.  But I do have another little bit of story to share with you.


About six-thirty, Tessa hefted her tote bag onto her shoulder and stepped out of her office. She’d managed to deal with the day’s actual work, plus spend some time with Ezra, who was holding his own today. Now to go home and deal with that mess. She shut her eyes for a second as she pulled her door shut. “Ah, I’m just in time.” Her eyes popped open. “Harley.” Her pulse skipped several beats. He leaned against the wall, arms folded over his chest, smiling. She swallowed. “What are you doing here?” “I came to pick you up.” “I told you I’d catch a ride.” Never mind that she hadn’t actually asked any of her co-workers for a ride. He pushed off the wall, still smiling. “Your ride is here.” It seemed silly to argue since he was standing right here. But her self-preservation instincts warned her this was dangerous. She really wished India hadn’t gone out of town for work this week. Harley caught her elbow. “Have you got everything you need?” She nodded, her mouth dry. “Great.” He steered her along the hallway and out through the main lobby to where his car sat in the first guest parking space. She made herself participate in the conversation, small talk about her day. But half her brain wondered what she was doing, letting Harley take her home. Maybe he thought she wouldn’t be able to handle the mess. She was so distracted by her own thoughts that it took her a moment after the car stopped to realize that he’d parked. She looked out the front window and found they were outside a popular restaurant and bar. “What are you doing?” “Supper.” He pushed his door open.

She stared after him. Harley had lost his mind. Or she had. When he came around and opened her door, she blinked up at him. “I need to go home and start cleaning up, Harley.” “You also need to eat. I promise, we’ll only get something to eat and then I’ll take you home.” He held out one hand. Tessa looked at the strong hand in front of her. She shouldn’t even think about it. “When did you eat last? Last night?”

She glanced away guiltily. “Come on, Tessa. If you’re going to work, you need some fortification.” He bent and caught her wrist. She let him, deciding it was easier to acquiesce. And really, she was starving. The aromas coming from the restaurant made her mouth water. She could make sure he kept his word after she’d fortified herself with some supper.



( Photo credit: magnus.johansson10 via / CC BY-SA )

So somebody tell me about a really great scary movie you love.  It doesn’t have to be gory, but good and scary.


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