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Time for Fun

Someone at the day-job told me last week that I should have more fun. It made me pause for a moment.  I do have a pretty well-developed sense of responsibility about my work, both at the day-job and my writing, and, to be honest, I’m kind of proud of that at the day-job since I’ve seen plenty of others in my adult life who don’t feel responsible about their work, at all.

But I have to also admit that I am tired. I pointed out to my husband last fall that we haven’t taken a vacation in years. I have taken vacation days in the last few years, but generally, those days have been for doing something. And with all of the things going on in my family the past two years, that is understandable. I think I’ve reached the point where I need a day off to do nothing, though. Or maybe a few more days to do something fun. Maybe not kids-blowing-bubbles-fun, but something I enjoy.  More reading time, more time for the flowers and herbs in the garden.

I used to get to more booksignings to meet or see authors I like, but those have kind-of gone by the wayside in the last two years. I used to go to Maryland regularly to see my favorite author Nora Roberts at booksignings, but I realized a few weeks ago, it’s been over a year since I got there. So a friend and I got up very early yesterday morning and drove two hours into the mountains of Maryland to do just that, hoping all the while that the bad weather in the forecast would hold off until later. It did, and we had a good day, sitting in the bakery for a little while, chatting with authors, shopping down the street (I found a great mug for my morning tea!), and then having lunch at a favorite restaurant nearby after we’d gotten our books signed. Now I have my new Nora and a favorite Robyn Carr book signed, and I’ve decided that I’ll be heading back down for more signings this year, because I miss them.

Before I go curl up on the loveseat with one of my new books, I have a little story snippet from Hunting Medusa to share with you.


Something had moved outside.

Something too tall to be one of the does that frequented the clearing each evening, though not tall enough for the bull moose who came occasionally. Just the right size for a sneaky Harvester posing as a vacuum salesman.

She thumbed off the phone and sat up straighter, her other hand coming to rest on the dagger across her knees. For a long moment, she didn’t see anything. Then a dark shape slid between the trees, a few yards nearer to the house.

Her heart hammered against her ribs and she curled her fingers around the dagger hilt. That was no animal. At least not of the wild variety. No, this was a two-legged animal, and she had the terrible feeling this one really was a Harvester, no matter what her mother had said yesterday.

Let him try, she thought, setting the phone back on its base. He’d find this Medusa wasn’t going down quietly. She only wished she were PMSing so she could take him out without too much effort. Or mess. If only he’d waited just a few more days to make his move…

She stifled a hysterical giggle at that last thought, glad she’d listened to her instincts this evening.

The shape disappeared again in the dark trees, and she held her breath. Then he reappeared for a few seconds, much closer to the house this time. Her pulse pounded in her ears. He was determined. And now out of her line of vision.

A loud, sharp beep indicated her alarm system had shut down, and was accompanied by the sound of every appliance in the house also turning off. He’d killed her power at the junction box outside.


Andi got to her feet, then tried to decide which door he’d come in. She heard the soft sound of a footfall on the back porch. She crossed into the kitchen, not needing to feel her way around the furniture, and positioned herself beside the refrigerator. He wouldn’t make it far into the house, and then he was hers.


Who else has a hard time taking down-time? What do you do for fun when you do find a little down-time?

I’m thinking that would be a sure way to enjoy some down-time.  What do you think?


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