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When our boys were younger, they played baseball with the local Little League.  Which got us watching the Little League World Series every summer, first, because they dreamed of getting there with their teams, and now, just because it’s one of those things we do in August, like taking a day-trip to a favorite amusement park a couple hours away.  Everyone has traditions, whether they’re long-standing family-you-grew-up-with traditions or more recent, new family-you’ve-created-in-adulthood traditions.  Some traditions, we probably wish we could do away with.  I can think of a couple myself, relating to in-laws and holidays.

Medusa 2

There are a lot of traditions in mythologies, as well, from one culture to another.  There are always monsters to defeat, heroes to fight them, and lessons to be learned.  I wonder sometimes if that wasn’t why I first grew interested in reading myths from different parts of the world, not just for the stories, but because they are all relatable, no matter where we are.  I can’t choose a favorite, because sometimes I prefer different stories at different times.  But rereading them is kind of a tradition as well–how many times have I read the Odyssey and the Iliad?

What are some of your favorite traditions, family-related or otherwise?


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