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Trapped Inside, or What a Great Day for Writing…and Chores

It’s not quite as ugly, heat-wise, today, but still much too hot and sticky to spend anytime outside.  Of course, since it’s my day off, there are errands to be run, as soon as I figure out which of these recipes on my desk I want to try this week so I can add the ingredients to my shopping list.  I’m in a Greek food frame of mind.  Go figure.  <g>  While we were at the beach for our writing retreat, we had some yummy, Greek-flavored dishes, and I think I’m going to continue that this week with some cucumber raita and a Grecian quinoa salad.  I’m blaming that on the heroine in the third book of The Medusa Trilogy, since I’ve just written a scene where she wants Greek food.  Actually, I’d like to be in Greece, eating Greek food.  Someplace like this, actually…


(Photo credit: Panoramas / Foter / CC BY-ND)

Wouldn’t that be lovely?  Who’s with me?


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