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Weirdly, as I'm sitting here to write this week's post, there is an ice cream truck in the neighborhood again, just like last week. They didn't dawdle on our street, though, so, rather than hunting them down, I dumped some frozen fruit and orange juice in the blender and have a tropical smoothie sitting here on my desk instead of ice cream. Probably healthier than the ice cream and still yummy and cold to counteract the heat. It looks like we'll cool off a tad mid-week, though, so I'm not ready to close up the house and turn the a/c back on yet. Yesterday was gorgeous, not too warm, with a nice breeze, so the tomatoes are planted, as well as my annual herbs, and I just need to finish mulching. I think I might pop a few flowers into pots, too, this year, just for some extra color.

It's the start of the new month this weekend, which means new writing goals staring at me from my bulletin board. They include final revisions on the third book in my Medusa's Daughters Trilogy, Freeing Medusa, so hopefully if not this month, by next month, I will have a date for the release of this one to share with everyone. Plus the beautiful cover. I have several pics of the cover guy here on my computer for inspiration as I revise. I may share those over on my Facebook page this month as the mood strikes. Have you stopped over there lately? We have a good group of regular visitors and some ladies who visit occasionally, and some fun discussions, plus the regular 'daily happy' chats.

One of the other items on my list for June was to update my events page here on the website. Right now, I don't have anything on the calendar for the second half of this year, but that could change. For the first half of next year, though, there is one thing already on the calendar and hopefully two more to be added before long. I have links up for the Aces Wild Atlantic City event; this is the first year for this one, and I'm really excited about it--books and the beach...what's not to like?

Before I get back to my revisions, I have a quick snippet for you this week from Light the Way Home.


            Nate eased the truck off the ferry, waving at Mort Junior before he drove toward home. The sun had set hours ago, and he’d been unable to persuade his mother to leave the hospital, even though his father groused at her to go home. When he called an hour ago, Lucie’d already fed Hayden.

            His son would be ready for bed soon. And he needed to figure out how to get his father home from the hospital in two days. It sure couldn’t be in the truck. Probably not his mother’s car either.

            He sighed. That would be a problem for tomorrow. Along with trying to finish staining the cabinets for the Wells’ kitchen in his workshop.

            He swung by his parents’ to grab the mail on his way home. His house was dark, but Harry and Mindi’s looked bright and welcoming when he pulled into his driveway. The front porch was lit, and softer light glimmered around the edges of the closed curtains. He slid from the truck, shifting his shoulders to try to release some tension. When he exhaled roughly, his breath clouded the air in front of his face. Probably freeze overnight.

            As he strode to the front door and knocked, he made a mental note to get the wheelchair ramp up at his parents’ tomorrow, too.

            The red interior door swung open as he reached for the handle of the storm door, then he froze.

            Lucie had Hayden in her arms, his sleepy son with his face tucked against her throat. She looked damn good.


            He collected himself and pulled the outer door open, stepping inside. “Hi.”

            She smiled as Hayden burrowed closer to her, patting his back gently. “Hey,” she said softly.

            Nate closed the door and stuck his hands in his jacket pockets. “Looks like someone is worn out.”

            “We had a busy afternoon, playing catch and racing in the backyard. He ought to sleep really well tonight.”

            He didn’t want to risk touching her–because he wanted to touch her. He wanted to brush the wisp of dark hair away from her jaw. He wanted to lean in and kiss her, more than that quick brush of lips the other night. He was stupid. He’d been stupid about a woman once before, and that was all he’d allow himself. He squared his shoulders. “Hey, buddy,” he said low, touching Hayden’s cheek.

            His son flung up one hand to swat him away, turning his face further into Lucie.

            An apology in her eyes made him pause, then he dipped his chin once.

            “Hayden,” she whispered, “Daddy’s home.”

            After a second, his son’s eyes fluttered open, and he looked over for a moment, then closed his eyes.

            “Where’s his jacket?”

            “On one of the kitchen chairs.” She turned to lead the way, and Nate couldn’t help it when his gaze dropped to her ass. Dammit.

            He found the jacket and picked it up. “Hey, buddy,” he said again, “let’s get your jacket on so we can go home.”

            His son made an indistinct sound of protest.

            Smiling, Lucie shifted the sleepy boy to slide the jacket on one arm, then turned him so Nate was able to get his other arm into the sleeve. Then she eased Hayden into his arms, patting him on the back when he whimpered.

            “It’s okay,” she whispered. “Sleep well, buddy.” She stepped back, clasping her hands behind her. “Good night, Nate.”

            At least she was being smart.

            That made one of them. He took a small step toward her and bent to kiss her, lightly. “Thanks, Lucie.” He straightened and made for the back door. Silence. Maybe he’d surprised her as much as he’d surprised himself, he mused as he exited the house.

            She tasted sweet, warm. And he really needed to get a grip on his self-control.


Is your new month off to a good start, too? I hope so, and I'd love to hear about it!


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