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Working Hard…


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I have been seeing a lot of this view in the past week.  I’m busy working on edits and rewrites on the first shifter manuscript this month, plus getting in some new words on the first draft of the fourth one.  I had to replenish my stock of tea and hot chocolate today,  too.  Between the day-job and writing/revising, I’ve been going through my tea faster than usual.


( Photo credit: Barbara B’s Stuff via / CC BY-ND   )

Today, though, was chore and errand day, so I am just getting a look at the keyboard now, and it won’t be for working for too long.  One of my break treats in the evenings this week has been re-watching Penny Dreadful.  Have you watched it?  If you haven’t, and you like stories that will keep surprising you, plus lots of eye-candy, you should probably check it out.


( Photo credit: hermitosis via / CC BY-ND )  It’s hard for me to watch tv shows or movies and shut off my ‘writer’s brain’.  Most of the time, I am figuring out what’s coming a couple steps down the line in the story, but this show didn’t work that way, which was why I loved it so much.  Even now, on my second viewing in under four months, there are things that I’m picking up this time that I missed on the first round.  That makes me like it even more.  But it is my break-reward show this time around, which means I have to get in my writing/rewriting for the day before I get to watch.

So, while I’m getting my act together for a crazy busy week at the day-job, why don’t you tell me what you’re working on this week.  Something on your goals list for the new year?  Something fun?

And I’ll see you all in a few days!



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