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Writers’ Retreat!

Photo credit: Tattooed JJ / / CC BY-NC-ND

Right now, I am two work days away from my week-long writing retreat at the beach with my friends.  And I haven’t packed a thing yet.  My to-pack list is pretty sparse.  I suppose I’m a last-minute packer.  I do have my camera batteries charged up and ready to go, so I guess that’s something.  I also have plenty of writing to work on while I’m there–rewrites on the follow-up book to Hunting Medusa, as well as first drafts that aren’t quite finished on three other manuscripts, including the third book in the Medusa trilogy.   Maybe I should add to my to-do list “find a title for that third book.”

For several days now, my friends and I have been discussing our packing plans for this trip.  Compared to one of our group, I feel woefully disorganized.  When you’re preparing for a trip, how organized are you?


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