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Writing with Friends

This is my third night at the shore with my writer friends for our writers’ retreat.  I’ve gotten a lot of hand-written pages from weeks’ worth of lunch breaks and pre-work writing sessions transcribed into the computer now, as well as some research for the third and final book in my Medusa trilogy.  That means that going forward, all the words that go into the three manuscripts I have going right now will be new ones.  I may even use a little bit of down-time to make some additions here on the blog site that I hope you all will find fun or useful.

I know this is a holiday week here in the States, and I hope you all have a great holiday.  I’ll be here at our beach writers’ retreat for the holiday, before I head home to go back to the day-job.  Which means I need to get a lot accomplished in the next four days.  Wish me luck!


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