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End of the Party

Well, my birthday month is almost over.  I think maybe one more round of cake this weekend.


( Photo credit: jamieanne via / CC BY-ND  )

I’ve actually had cake here twice this week–the first was chocolate, and it was really amazing, and the second was a lemon with berry and it was equally incredible.  Oh, I lied.  I’ve had cake three times, because at work this week, we celebrated National Cheesecake Day, and my employer fed us all really delicious cheesecake.  Not a bad week for cake.

I also spent the evening of my birthday at  my regular monthly writing group, which was a good gift.


( Photo credit: Muffet via / CC BY )

The SyFy Channel gives me a gift every year, too, the week of my birthday:  a new Sharknado movie, and I’m looking forward to that tomorrow evening.

The bad news (for me) is that apparently no one wants this box of goodies.


So I’m going to try one more time, with a short time frame.  Since my birthday month ends tomorrow, anyone (U.S. resident over 18 who hasn’t gotten any goodies from me in the last 6o days) who comments on this post by midnight tomorrow night, Sunday, July 31, 2016 will be entered into a drawing (via ) for this box full of books and other goodies, like a shirt, tote, and bookmarks.  I really, really want someone to have all of this good stuff.

Now, I’m going back to my writing and shark movies for the evening.  And having a piece of that lemon berry cake.

Happy birthday to me, with the present for you!


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