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Heat, Campy Movies and a Birthday Giveaway

Yes, it is still hotter than even the first level of Hell here.  I know it’s hotter in some other places, so I shouldn’t complain, but I will anyway, just because.

One of my favorite things to do, summer or winter, is to watch the hilariously awful original movies on the SyFy Channel.  It doesn’t make for productive writing weekends, but they make me laugh my head off, and the way the news has been the past month or so, a whole lot of laughter seems like a really good thing.

This week is one of those weeks when not much else will happen here, except SyFy viewing, as the new Sharknado movie airs next weekend, and leading up to that, there are shark movies all week, including today.  Two of my favorites were on earlier–Dinoshark, with Eric Balfour, and Sharktopus, with Eric Roberts.  Lots of terrible special effects, terrible dialogue  (and some equally awful acting in some instances), and a whole lot of fun.  My kids don’t get it (but we’re even, since I think some of the movies they like are crap, and they’re not intended to be campy fun), so they don’t watch with me, but my husband will.

So, since it is so horribly warm, I think it’s a good week to stay inside, read, watch funny movies, and enjoy something cold to drink.  Like maybe a pina colada…


( Photo credit: nan palmero via / CC BY  )

Plus later this week is my birthday, so there will also be birthday cake, something decadent, I think.


( Photo credit: Aztlek via / CC BY-SA  )

Who wants a piece of that cake besides me?

So, I still have this box of books and other goodies that nobody has tried to claim the past two weeks–who doesn’t want free books?–and I really, really want to give this away.


So, let’s try this:  tell me what you like to drink on a hot summer night (alcoholic or non).  Everyone who comments (US resident over 18 who hasn’t won any goodies in the last 60 days) by 5 p.m. EST on Friday, July 29, 2016 will be entered into the drawing for this box of goodies.

And stay cool, wherever you are!


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