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It’s been kind of a long month here, though not all bad.  One huge work problem has gone away, which makes going to the day-job not entirely unbearable these days.  But an older friend of mine has been doing poorly for some time, and she died a week ago, so this was the week for saying goodbye.  Next week we say a different kind of goodbye: my youngest son will graduate from high school in a couple of days.  But I remember too well the first day of kindergarten, so I’ll be the crying mom at graduation, wondering how my baby got so old so fast.  Add in the spring ick, and I’ve just been feeling a bit sorry for myself the past week or so.  Silly, I know, and selfish, when I know there are people with far worse problems than I have.

What do you do to get yourself out of a funk?

I got a little bit of a cheer-up the other day when I checked my book

My shiny new cover art! isn't it pretty?

My shiny new cover art! isn’t it pretty?

on  Amazon, which I sometimes do.  It had been pretty far down in the sales ranking a few days earlier when I looked, but for some reason, it took a huge jump, which made me happier. (Also, slightly perplexed by some of the ‘customers who bought this book also bought’ titles, though a couple in that list made me want to cheer with excitement, as they’re authors I love!)

I also need to start planning for a writers’ week at the beach in less than a month.  That will be a lot of fun, and, I am determined, productive for me again.

Some other things that make me feel happier:

1.  I have one more thing (I hope!) to get to my web designer for my website.  Finally!

2.  I have a couple of goodies here for another giveaway, though I haven’t worked out plans for that just yet.

3.  I’m working on guest blog dates for closer to the paperback release of Hunting Medusa.  Yes, already!

4.  There are only seven months and five days until Hunting Medusa comes out in paperback!  Yes, I’m counting.

And now I feel much better.  But really, I would love to hear how you get yourself out of a funk, cheered up when you’re down.  And I hope you’ve got something great to read!


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