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Release Day Fun

I’ve been hopping all over the internet so far today, playing on my Facebook page, on Twitter, on a couple blogs, an email list, and here!

While I’m back here, I thought it might be fun to share a pic related to an important setting in Hunting Medusa.

( via ).  Behind that waterfall, there is a cave.  Not everyone has gotten there yet in their reading, but when you have, if you don’t mind, would you post in the comments to let me know you’ve gotten to that point?  Tell me by midnight tonight what you like best about the events leading there.  And from the commenters, I will do a random drawing on Wednesday 1/29/14 for the chance to win a $10 gift certificate for Samhain Publishing, my awesome publisher so you can check out some great authors.

Now I’m heading off to pet my pretty book cover some more and do more celebratory dancing around the house.


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