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Story Tease

I’m still wrestling strenuously with rewrites, but I’m taking a little break to share a little snippet of story  with you.  The hero in my second Medusa book is so yummy, sometimes I can’t stand it.  Then again, there are other times he is horrid and bossy.  But I think when I’ve finished bending him to my will, there will be readers who fall as madly in love with him as I have.


A Harvester. And apparently, he didn’t care that they were on the street in a very big city with a large audience.

Philomena sucked in a quick breath and ignored the stitch in her side, moving faster when Ryder did. He unlocked the truck with his remote and pushed her in through the driver’s door.

“Get down.” He slid into his seat, almost on her heels, and started the truck.

She wedged herself into the space between the seat and the dashboard, closing her eyes for a second. Gods, please don’t let me die.

Ryder stomped on the gas pedal, whipping out into traffic to the sound of honking horns. He drove too quickly along the street, and she saw his mouth tighten when he glanced in the rearview mirror.


Ryder is such a good guy.  I hope you’ll all love him, too!


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