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The Business of Revenge

Today will just be a quick note.  I have a guest blog post up with the awesome Lisbet Sarai today, and I wanted to make sure everybody (and their sisters, too!) know about it.  I had a lot of fun writing this one, and there’s a giveaway attached, so I hope you’ll all go check it out and let me know your favorite revenge stories (on the guest blog, please!) so we can get you entered into the giveaway, too.

My shiny new cover art! isn't it pretty?

My shiny new cover art! isn’t it pretty?

Also, a quick reminder of the website launch celebration happening next Monday, July 28 over on my Facebook page.  I have my writer buddies joining me and we have more goodies to give away, so I hope to see lots of you there as well.  Now I’m off to the evil day-job while I dream of staying home to write!


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