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Welcome to Crazy Season

( Photo credit: Diario Critico Venezuela / Foter / CC BY )

This is very similar to the way things will look in my world for the next month since my day-job is in retail.  My coworkers and I will grin and bear it when we really want to run, screaming, from the building, and in my ‘down time’, I will keep working on these rewrites from hell, as well as prepping for the January 6 paperback release of Hunting Medusa.  I have started a nice little collection of goodies for the release day party over on my Facebook page.

Today, as a procrastination device to put off the desire to gouge out my eyeballs from staring at these wretched rewrites, I posted a little snippet of Andrea and Kallan’s story there, too, in case you want to take a peek.  I’ve also started making a list of places I’ll be guest-blogging in the next month or so, leading up to the paperback release.

And hey, why not a different story snippet here, too?  Just in case you need enticing when release day rolls around…


She met his gaze, her own troubled. “I don’t suppose you’d just leave. Let me alone.”

Something in his chest tightened, and he shook his head. “I’m afraid not. Besides, I’ve already found you. That means others can find you as well.” Somehow, he hadn’t thought of that before, and it unsettled him. Any of his dozens of cousins could be on their way to Andrea’s mountain now, following the same vague clues he had, intent on killing her. And none of them knew they couldn’t take the amulet after they did. Somehow, that bothered him less than the idea of one of them killing her.

“You have to figure something out soon then. You only have a day or so.”

Then her curse would kick in, and she could kill him instead of the other way around. And with far less difficulty.

Kallan sighed, tipping his head back to look up at the dark green canopy for a moment. “I’ll figure something out,” he said at last. “Let’s walk some more.”

She looked away, her mouth turned down, as they began to walk.

He linked their fingers again, ignoring her slight start at the touch, and led her deeper into the forest.


Now I want to go admire my pretty cover again.

That would be a good way to procrastinate, too, right?

How crazy are things going to be in your world for the next month?


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