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It's That Time Again

It's the last week of the month, which means it's time to figure out April writing goals. And since my goals are already behind for the year (work crazy, plus waiting for readers), it also means I have to readjust everything that comes after April as well.

I did take a break from the work crazy this past week and went to the boys' to do my spring shrub trimming and got to enjoy all of the happy daffodils blooming around the house (the pic above is one of the front gardens, and I posted a couple of photos on my Facebook page the other night, too). There are some grape hyacinths hiding among the daffodils in the other front garden bed, and a few escapees in the yard. One of the shrubs I trimmed back is my grandma's rose bush. It's already got new leaves all over it. I didn't touch the mini-rose bush in the front garden, though, since it's so much smaller, but it's got new leaves sprouted, too. Even my Princess Diana rose here has new leaves everywhere. It's really early for the roses to be leafing out this way. I'm hoping Mother Nature doesn't burn them with a stretch of really cold weather now.

One of the other things I'm working on right now is prep for the booksigning in New Jersey the first weekend of May.

I just got a replenishment of bookmarks this week, and am waiting for my book order. I'll break out my prep list this week and start checking things off so when we get to signing week, I can just pack it all into the car.

I love a good signing, and this one is a good one. They've been doing this now for a long time, so the planning is perfected. I love getting to chat with all the readers, and to see my writing friends, too. This one has the added bonus of the setting: a winery. If you click on the graphic above, it will take you to the booksigning website, and I have info on my Facebook page as well. There are goody basket giveaways each day of the signing, and this year the organizers have also set up a meet and greet for Friday night that will include some of the authors.

Before I get back to my April planning, I have a snippet for you today from Freeing Medusa. I know it's a tease, and I really had hoped to have this one out by now, but I'm waiting for some reader feedback before I feel comfortable sending it off to the formatter and setting up the presales.


“Thanks, Hunter. I really do appreciate your help.” She did, no matter how bitchy she felt. No matter how worried she was.

His footsteps moved to the other side of the bed, and his weight pressed into the mattress. “Not a problem. I haven’t had the opportunity to rescue any damsels in distress before. I kind of like it.” One of his fingers slid along her jaw. “It doesn’t take these pills long to kick in, does it?”

She shook her head on the pillow. “Not usually.”

He tucked the blanket higher under her chin. “Tell me about the Harvester.”

She sighed, though this time in frustration with him. “He’s only one of many.”

“How many?”

She shrugged. “Thousands. My cousin is married to a man from the Tassos family, but he’s not welcome anymore, so there’s no way of knowing exactly what they’re up to.”


“It means ‘harvester’. They’re descendants of Perseus. They’ve been after us for centuries.” His fingers brushed over the bridge of her nose, at the edge of the blindfold, and she shivered. “Their mission in life is to kill the Medusa and a real bonus would be to steal the protective amulet the first Medusa created for her daughters so the current Medusa would be miserable three days a month instead of all the time.” She shifted at a particularly sharp cramp, trying to find a more comfortable position.

Hunter’s finger slid over her cheek, lightly. “What kind of amulet?”

“Every daughter of Medusa is born with a snake-shaped birthmark somewhere on her body. But only the one chosen to be the Medusa will have her birthmark change into a tattoo that includes the amulet once the curse falls on her. It’s a goblet. The Harvesters have been trying to steal it forever, but the only one of them who knows it’s in our skin is my cousin’s husband. If the Medusa dies, the amulet automatically transfers to the new Medusa.” The beginning wooziness from the painkiller made her fingers and toes tingle. Pretty soon the rest of her would be feeling better, too, and her brain would shut down.

“Is that the only way a new Medusa is created? When her predecessor dies?” His finger slid along her lower lip now, warming it, making her remember what his kiss tasted like.

“Either death, or she falls in love, which is a challenge. Not many men want to date a woman can turn him to stone just by looking at him, or who sprouts snakes on her head three days a month. So few, the family had forgotten it was a possibility until recently.” The warmth from his touch on her lip spread into her chest, as the tingles of numbness started to climb her arms and legs.

Hunter’s finger slid back and forth along her lip, as if he were recalling Friday night, too. “But it has happened, right? I mean, your cousin is married.”

“Mm-hm.” Her brain wasn’t working so well now. She took a deep breath, inhaling the enticing scent of him. “You smell good.” She rolled onto her side, facing him while keeping the heating pad securely against her stomach.

“So do you.” His warm breath skimmed her mouth. “Is your pill kicking in now?”

“Mm.” She smiled, wanting the taste of him on her lips. “You’re a good kisser, Hunter.”

“You’re not so bad yourself,” he said softly, his tone husky. “But I think we’ll have to wait a little while before we do any more of that.”

She shook her head. “Just a kiss. Please.” Before she passed out and couldn’t enjoy his nearness.

She heard him take a slow, deep breath, and the exhale warmed her chin. “Kat,” he began.

She slipped one hand from beneath the blankets and found his chest. “Please.”

A frustrated groan reached her ears only a second before his mouth settled over hers.

Gods, he tasted good.

His tongue slid past her lips, and she tightened her grip on his shirt, feeling his heartbeat quicken under her fingers. It matched her own. His kiss was incredible, hot, wet, demanding.

It was going to give her really, really good dreams tonight.


Are you doing any planning this week for next month, or am I the only one? I'd love to hear if you're on track with your goals or playing catch-up like me!


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